Journal Find of the Week!

Look at what I found last night!

Find of the Week - Bargain Journal

You won’t believe what this lovely, holographic-cover-journal cost me!


This beautiful and stunning journal. Not only does it have that holographic type cover, and it is 8 inches in height by 6 inches in width, pretty pages with a scroll-like background on each, and an elastic band to help keep closed, but it was also dirt cheap! Ready for this?  An unbelievable 3 dollars! Okay, well 2.99. On one of the tags, it indicates it has an MSRP price of 9.50.

Inside pages of journal

Every page had a lovely scroll-work type background.


I found this at Burlington.  If you have not seen their nice selection of journals and stationery before, do go check it out, they have some real pretty choices. They also have lovely decorative boxes and music boxes. I have found some lovely stickie note sets, smaller journals, pads, photo albums, and some other assorted stationery products. They are often at prices which, to me, are a steal!

Find of the Week - Bargain Journal

This cover has a three dimensional/holographic look, though the picture does not show it that well. Its truly lovely!


The journal pictured here, is just one of many choices they had. Some had holographic type covers (the 3d kind) like this one, some had just pretty decorative covers, some had writing or quotes on the cover, some did not. Some had patterns, some with the writing, some were more religious in nature, some more inspirational. I even saw one that was specifically designed toward gratitude, and each page had several prompts about it. If money was not so tight for me, I would have wanted one of every kind, especially at those incredible prices. The images I am showing just do not do it justice. The cover looks so lovely in good light.

I truly am a journal junkie, and I am thrilled to add this to my collection. At three dollars, I feel like I got such a great deal. And it’s in my favorite color, purple to boot, with another favorite…butterflies! I love the quote on the cover, it very much suits what I need right now. Now I just have to figure out what to use it for, if I can actually bring myself to mark up these lovely pages.  =P

Feel free to leave comments below. Let me know if you ever find deals like this. Happy writing to you fellow journal lovers, and great wishes for a wonderful weekend for all,

Kat :@


More pictures for you:


Inside the cover

The second page is like an inner cover, its thicker and firm and protects the pages, and also has the lovely pattern and colors.


Find of the Week - Bargain Journal

The spiral rings are large, like I could probably attach a few things to the pages and still have it fit, and the rings are very sturdy.


Find of the Week - Bargain Journal

Another shot of the inside, and the fairly sturdy spiral rings.


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