What Does Peace Look Like? (The Prequel)

Milo my fluff-ball at peace.

Milo my fluff-ball at peace.

What does it look to you? As I ponder this tonight, I have been hit with extremely painful irony. I wrote this entire post and felt very satisfied with the final piece. And that piece, gave me a sense of peace.
And because I relied on that WordPress auto-save letting me know it saved a draft every few minutes, I felt safe.

Big mistake.

I went to post an image into the post, and somehow, it deleted the entire post and left only the image coding. I had even copied the post into clipboard first, because I have had issues in the past with typing into browser dialog boxes. But silly me, I wrote the caption in the wrong place, and went to copy paste it to the right place, and lost my clipboard too. After searching and reading endlessly, I come to find that autosave only saves ONE draft. Apparently, autosave only managed to save the highly shortened image only version, minus the entire (what took nearly two hours to write) post.
If I had known this, I would have manually saved copies every few minutes, like I am doing now in notepad. So, I am feeling highly agitated at the moment.

The irony is, after completing the entire post, I felt at peace, after questioning what does peace look like. Leave it to a lost blog post to completely sever, that *peace.*

So, now I have to contemplate this question once again, and try to recall my previous thoughts, and try to reconstruct, what I was actually very happy with when I was done. Ever write something that you felt so pleased with, even proud of?
Then you come to find its just gone? I was so upset I cried.

But, once again, I will breath and reboot, and gather my thoughts, and attempt tomorrow to recreate, what was meant to be a reflection on today, well, it is now tomorrow already, but you get the point.

Meantime, if anyone stumbles by this blog {{{still hearing crickets}}}…I leave you with a picture of how one creature has managed to demonstrate the concept of peace, my furr-ball, Milo.

Wishing all peace and warmth,
and thanks for reading,

Kat :@

P.S. Stay tuned, I hope to have that reconstructed piece up by tomorrow.