Sluggish, Stuck, and Sick

What's on my desk this morning

What’s on my desk this morning


So, it’s been 12 days since my last mewsing, and maybe you are starting to think I might be one of those blogs that gives things a try and then just gradually dwindles down. Perhaps eventually there just won’t be anymore posts. I sometimes wonder that too. I have found many blogs like that. But I refuse to let that happen. I started out with a mission on this blog, and I am not going to give up easily.

You see, I have been feeling stuck lately, and I know where most of it comes from, and even big parts. I am also sick right now. As you can see from the items in the picture above, I think it might be some sort of flu. It has not hit me full blast yet, and I kind of hope it does not. I am attempting the ole’ vitamin C, some tea, echinacea, cough drops, and all that fun stuff. Sitting nearby my tea and vitamin C is my planner…which is largely dormant at the moment (I actually took the time to cover it with some Valentine’s stickers to try and motivate me), as I sluggishly search for inspiration. I know I am feeling discouraged. It is my wish to build up a small community of people that come here and interact with me. Not a lot of people, mind you. Just a small family-like atmosphere of people that have some things in common, can relate, and interact. I truly wish to create a place where people inspire one another, help one another, and connect on whatever might move them. But it does not seem to be happening.

I know I just have not hit on the formula that really gets things started and going, and I am truly trying to do that. I know the key to blogs is having content that brings people in, has them interested, is important to them and has something to offer them, and keeps them coming back. I so much want to give that. But I am new to this medium. Only doing it for 3 months now, I am still getting to know how things work and what to do with it all. I am sure that growing process will take a long time. But the thing is, I can’t do it without you.

This blog is a winding road right now, trying every direction the path has open to me. I see something akin to hundreds of roads there ahead of me, and I keep randomly picking one after the other. It is sort of aimless, like wandering without a map. But, you, the reader, can offer me a map. I want to steer in the direction that you wish me to, as long as I can do so. I want to give you things you want and need. But the key is, you have to tell me what those things are. In the long run, together we can take this in interesting paths. So, I will attempt now and then, in my posts to get you to offer me feedback, because I truly want to make this a place that we both enjoy together. So, I am wondering if perhaps I can add some things to help you relate to me more, so that one day I can get comments and feedback that can help me relate to you more. Would an about me section help? Are some of you wanting to offer feedback but shy to use comment sections? Is anything wrong with the blog that is making it hard for you to submit comments? If there is anything I can do to make this easier, I am very willing to do so, but it just takes a couple/few people to let me know. Would adding contact information help?

I am a shy person, but very approachable, and if for some reason I am not to some, I wish to improve that. So, until I can get someone to offer me that feedback, I am just going to keep trying things until they work. This blog for now is about me, but I am trying to open myself up so that it can be about others too. I want to offer you, the reader, things that can help or add to your life. That is why I offer printable things, diy’s, and budget finds. I want to improve those things too. I want to expand on the things that interest me, so that I can have you join me in that dialogue, benefit from anything I know and can do, and also be inspired and derive from what you know and feel too. But enough on that, you get the point.

So, along with the discouragement, I have been feeling stuck lately. It has to do with other things going on in my life too. I am at a precipice where so much has to be done, and I feel so insufficient to do it all. I have a whole house to organize, my health to improve, relationships to bridge and improve, and the huge ordeal of finding my way on this foggy and murky road toward career goals.  In other words, I have a whole life to rebuild. Something inside me has been telling me this one clear message that I cannot escape, not that I want to. It says, do what you love, and the answers will come. It also tells me that if I keep blogging, I will find the answers. So, I keep plugging away at what I DO know how to do, writing out my thoughts, experimenting with the abilities I have, and hoping clearer roads will soon be ahead.

If you are along this journey with me, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know I have a lot to learn, but I promise you my heart is in the right place. Wouldn’t it be great one day, if you could say you were there when I was just starting out, and then there when things start to happen, and then again there when I achieve the many points of success?  Wouldn’t it be great, if along the way, I can also inspire you for better things in your life, bring you joy, and turn around and hopefully help your life too? It won’t happen overnight, but another one of my goals is to learn from and enjoy the ride too.

So, until more things start happening, I did one of my usual Pinterest searches. Again, I like to see how others interpret terms that pop into my head. So, I searched for “feeling stuck.” It returned a lot of self-help articles and of course the quote images. I haven’t had a chance to look through them all, but that was the jist of things. Three things caught my eye most, and I will leave them with you, before I wrap this up.

One is a particular quote, that really stood out. “Feeling stuck doesn’t mean you actually are. It just means you haven’t found the right path for you yet. Hang tight. You’ll find it.”  I am not sure who the actual author is, but is the poster of this quote. It hit home for me. Again, something deep down just keeps telling me to plug away at this, keep trying, and the right avenues will open up. So, with just a few drops of faith, I continue on.

Two is another quote that I liked.  “If you’re going through hell, keep going,” by Winston Churchill, and it speaks for itself.

Three, is an article I found, which I think holds a lot of truth, and is something I endeavor to follow. It is called, “11 Things to Remember When You Feel Stuck,” and it is here:  If you are feeling stuck in anything, I do recommend the article, as it has a lot of inspiring and helpful tips. I like that in particular, it’s first tip is to maintain focus. That is a theme which keeps entering this journey I am taking, so I am paying heed to this. I also like that the site name includes the idea of the power of positivity. It just rings well for me.

And as a side note, I will say that on that search return page, an article turned up called, “10 Things to Do If You Wake Up Feeling Like a Grouch.” That title and the picture that turned up with it, that of an angry kitty, made me laugh out loud. But it is true. Lately I have woken up feeling kinda grumpy and grouchy, and my energy sluggish.  I have not gotten to read it yet, nor recall the link, but if you search that title on Google, the link will turn up. What an eye-catching title huh?  😛

So, I hope today/this week, you can find inspiration, especially if you need it as I do. I also hope you are hanging in there with me. I am not quite sure yet what my next step will be, but I intend to do all that I have indicated I would do in my previous posts. I will plug away at the articles I have said I would do, keep on going with what I know how to do, and keep reading and learning too.  I might be slow at it, but I WILL get there. I hope you can be patient with me, and not give up on me. Even if I am sluggish, I *am* determined!

Until I can figure out what I wish to do with an “about me” section, I am just going to link it to my very first post, which really gives a huge idea of who I am, and what I am about. I hope that helps for now.

If you have any thoughts, ideas, or simply wish to say hi, please feel free to comment. I don’t bite, really! 😉

Wishing you all a wonderful and inspiring week,

Kat :@



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