Bonus Frugal Find! Dollar Tree Treasures!

 Dollar Tree Frugal Finds!

I found these four items some time in the last month or two. I could not go without sharing these with you! It is my last frugal find for today, a bonus for you. It is worth noting that many nice stationery supplies are to be found at Dollar Tree. I also recommend trying more than one or two different stores as they often will have some different stock depending on location, surrounding area, and size of store. They have had some nice calendars, memo pads, sticky notes, clips, flags, and the list goes on.

These four items, of course at one dollar each; are two sticky note pads with the LOL and OMG acronyms which I love, the TWO year calendar with kitties, and the calendar memo pad. The two year calendar planner actually, not only has two years in it, but each month has 2 to 3 kitty images, color background, differentiating color highlights, lines on every day for writing notes, holiday  listings, before and after month mini calendar on each month, moon phase listings, a notes section on each month, a mini-contacts section/address section in the back, and a few notes pages in the back as well! That is a lot for one little pocket calendar for one dollar! It is perfect for a purse and quick on the go notes and appointment jotting.


Dollar Tree Frugal Finds!


The memo pad is a really neat idea. It has the memo pad on the bottom of course, and the calendar pages pad up top. The mini pad has four sheets for each month. This makes them nice for putting in all your calendar need locations, like your wallet, your planner of nearly any size, a journaling spot, and even would probably fit nicely in a Project Life album slot. I also think it would do nicely for jotting a small tiny note and sticking up as a reminder for someone, say an appointment for your child or significant other…stuck to their door or computer or to the fridge. I am sure there are lot of ways these can be used. The back of the cardboard they are stuck to has no magnet,  but I can see one could easily be put there for the fridge, etc. I love this combo pad, and think its a wonderful idea. You cannot beat the price too!

I love these dollar finds, and love all of the dollar store stationery and calendar items! I hope you find some goodies too!

Have a great week all,

Kat  :@



P.S.  – I hope to have a few more budget finds posted for you this week, a dollar store diy, and possibly some journaling cards if I can find the time. I have lots to organize here, and quite a mess to tend to.

Speaking of which, would any of you care to join me on my home organizing undertaking this year? I am open to sharing the process. But I must warn you, my home is in quite the mess. My goal is to get it to the point where we can host Christmas here next year, and for that it is a pretty large task for all this year. We are in the process of merging two households, loads of stuff, and several generations worth of things. Plus I have moved completely across country and come out of some rather large and difficult tragedies. So this very big job is the result of all of that. I am basically going to be setting both bigger and smaller goals, and it will take me most of the year, if not longer, coupled with all my blog goals, and then personal goals, and relationship goals. I might be up to lot of before and after pictures, and the ideas I come up with, along with links to valuable resources which also help me along the way. But, before I start yet another section, it will require at least a little feedback to know if there is any desire for this, and if it is worth the extra effort to do the work involved with documenting the ordeal. Let me know what you think.



Bookmark Calendar/Magnets Deal – Less Than One Dollar!

 Bookmark/Magnet Set


Okay, so this might not be a big deal to some, but for me, it was a really GREAT find! I found this 4 piece bookmark calendar/magnets set for just 45 cents! This was at Michael’s in the bargain/dollar section. The monthly bookmark pad is about 6 inches in height and a little over 2 inches in width. Each page/bookmark in the pad is serrated so it is easy to tear them out. They are thick, decent quality, like that of a greeting card thickness, and better than printer cardstock.  Each page also has a different butterfly on flowers scene. The colors on each seem to go well with the corresponding season. 

 Bookmark/Magnet Set


The magnetic bookmark clips are approximately 1 inch by 1 and a quarter inch. They are of the same quality and thickness of the calendar bookmarks. There are three of them, and the magnets are decent quality. I was able to put them on a bunch of pages, at least 5-10 or so and they held on well. 


Bookmark/Magnet Set


I SO love the images, and of course butterflies are one of my favorite creatures after kitties. For 45 cents you cannot beat this, not even at the dollar store! I think the sale price brought it down from just a dollar or two, but I am not positive of this. I can only tell you that my receipt says 45 cents. Michael’s has such great deals and stationery items in their dollar section, so I recommend checking it out! Especially check before and after holidays for special finds like this one.


Bookmark/Magnet Set


I look forward to using these in both my planner and journals. I am loving these!


Happy Bargain Hunting All,

Kat  :@



After-Christmas Clearance Find! Crafty Centerpiece 70% Off!

I always love all the made-up arrangements and crafts that Michael’s has. They often inspire ideas, let me know what’s popular, and just are plain fun to ogle at! You can buy what they make, already made, or buy the materials and do it yourself…I love that option. I often will pop in there to pick up an occasional craft/etc. supply, or just to browse the dollar section. I cannot afford too much, so it is fun to browse an area I can actually fit into my small budget. Well the past week or two has been particularly fun. I have a few bargain finds to share with you, but I will start with this one, a 70% off clearance item from Christmas!


Sleigh Centerpiece

Now, as you can see, the original price tag says 49.99, but for this clearance sale it was jut 14.99. Fifty would be way too much, in my opinion, and I can make it for way cheaper, but the 70% off sale brought it down to fifteen dollars. In most places that is likely what you would pay for the beautiful sled it comes in. I don’t think I could make it cheaper than that. The whole thing stands at close to a foot tall, with the sled measuring in at about 8 inches tall. I love this deal and I think this sled will be my table centerpiece next year. I love it!

All of the Christmas centerpieces and made crafts were at 70% off, and it was hard to choose. This was about a week ago, so I am not sure if they will have anything left, but keep in mind to go there right after a holiday and I am betting they clear out all that they made at a nice sale price. Check back there right after Valentine’s and I am sure you will find a nice deal…I know I will be peeking in to see myself!

That is it for this deal…I might even post what else I bought there this past week, so stay tuned! =)

Warmest wishes as always,

Kat :@

Journal Find of the Week!

Look at what I found last night!

Find of the Week - Bargain Journal

You won’t believe what this lovely, holographic-cover-journal cost me!


This beautiful and stunning journal. Not only does it have that holographic type cover, and it is 8 inches in height by 6 inches in width, pretty pages with a scroll-like background on each, and an elastic band to help keep closed, but it was also dirt cheap! Ready for this?  An unbelievable 3 dollars! Okay, well 2.99. On one of the tags, it indicates it has an MSRP price of 9.50.

Inside pages of journal

Every page had a lovely scroll-work type background.


I found this at Burlington.  If you have not seen their nice selection of journals and stationery before, do go check it out, they have some real pretty choices. They also have lovely decorative boxes and music boxes. I have found some lovely stickie note sets, smaller journals, pads, photo albums, and some other assorted stationery products. They are often at prices which, to me, are a steal!

Find of the Week - Bargain Journal

This cover has a three dimensional/holographic look, though the picture does not show it that well. Its truly lovely!


The journal pictured here, is just one of many choices they had. Some had holographic type covers (the 3d kind) like this one, some had just pretty decorative covers, some had writing or quotes on the cover, some did not. Some had patterns, some with the writing, some were more religious in nature, some more inspirational. I even saw one that was specifically designed toward gratitude, and each page had several prompts about it. If money was not so tight for me, I would have wanted one of every kind, especially at those incredible prices. The images I am showing just do not do it justice. The cover looks so lovely in good light.

I truly am a journal junkie, and I am thrilled to add this to my collection. At three dollars, I feel like I got such a great deal. And it’s in my favorite color, purple to boot, with another favorite…butterflies! I love the quote on the cover, it very much suits what I need right now. Now I just have to figure out what to use it for, if I can actually bring myself to mark up these lovely pages.  =P

Feel free to leave comments below. Let me know if you ever find deals like this. Happy writing to you fellow journal lovers, and great wishes for a wonderful weekend for all,

Kat :@


More pictures for you:


Inside the cover

The second page is like an inner cover, its thicker and firm and protects the pages, and also has the lovely pattern and colors.


Find of the Week - Bargain Journal

The spiral rings are large, like I could probably attach a few things to the pages and still have it fit, and the rings are very sturdy.


Find of the Week - Bargain Journal

Another shot of the inside, and the fairly sturdy spiral rings.