Riding The Waves….Gee I Feel Green!



Gee, I feel green…

No, it’s not because I am turning into Kermit. The waves of life have me feeling a bit green around the gills…so to speak.


Yup, it has been a really rough couple of months. The sluggish and stuck parts keep lasting longer than I anticipate.  Keeping up with this blog requires creative motivation and a bit of muse help. As many, if not most of you might know, that can be tough at times, to come by. Anyone see my muse lately?  Also, not having any interaction yet, has gotten me a bit down. I apologize for not doing all I had set out to do…well yet, but it is hard to do when you are not sure what you are doing is actually making any difference, or noticed.

Lately when I call upon that spark, it has just been dwindling out or away from me. But, I will ride it out, and I will continue on, determined. Even if I stall, I just refuse to give up.



So, I heard from someone special to me, just recently. It had me elated. But when the burst of excitement over this calmed down, I was left with a flood of emotions and unsure what to do with it.  So many feelings were brought up that I hardly knew how to handle it all. Ever lose someone incredibly important to you in your life, become devastated, and then come to find one day they come back? It is a good thing, but even good things can be hard or draining. After that burst, I found that the flood of emotions had drained me of energy, and I know it just takes time to sort it all out. Yet, another wave.

It took me several days to respond to them, but I finally did today, and I am actually feeling proud that I faced something that I knew would be incredibly hard for me. I might move slow, but I do eventually get to it.

I am not ready to share much here yet. It is incredibly personal, emotional, and important to my life, and someone else’s. Also, it is hard to share things like this when you wonder if anyone is even really listening, paying attention, or you don’t have that interaction. But, I shall prod on, because something, somehow, somewhere, some way, just keeps telling me to go with it, to put one foot in front of the other, and go with this.

Meantime, I hope anyone still out there has not given up on me. I really do have so much to share, and think I have my own unique share of talents. I want to give of those. I even truly hope to benefit others, as much as possible.

I am sharing with you now, something I just wrote/created today. Yes, I wrote this quote myself, though I know there are some out there that express something similar. Every time things come up that make me feel weighed down, sad, or troubled, I recite this to myself, in one form or another:

Be okay with the bad things that happened,

They are the paving stones toward the good things that are to come.


We all go through many trying and difficult, and downright agonizing moments in life. Sometimes you feel like you cannot go on another moment, sometimes you are just moving slow and are very tired. It can truly lighten the load, if you remember, sometimes these things are moving you toward something better. After all, how can we grow, if we don’t suffer those growing pains?  The most beautiful metals are molded through extremely high heat and change. Remember that the next time you find yourself struggling, and strive to anticipate better things on the other side. It can make things feel a lot easier to handle. It won’t remove the pains and sufferings, but it can make you hang on tighter, get through it, and look for the things you can learn from it. This is what I am learning to do…still.

There are a lot of dark moments behind me, and sometimes they pop back up and rear their ugly heads. I am learning, even if ever so slowly, that something good did come out of them, even the good I cannot see yet. I just need to have faith in that. If I look back on many good things in my life, I know that many not so good things led up to it. I bet if most people examine their lives, they will find that to be true for them as well.


So, on this note, I leave you with something I created today that has this quote, again which I wrote, to remind us all. The quote is set on an image I took this past weekend, at a nearby harbor. The sunset was beautiful. It served as a reminder to me, that good things have come from the bad, and I believe more are to come.    I am going to print up a copy to put on my inspiration bulletin board, and even a copy for inside my planner, and for my desktop too. I don’t know about you, but I need all the positive reminders I can get, so I can keep my eye on the goals…”keep my eye on the ball.” Plus it helps me to regain some steam when I need it.

I hope it can somehow help any of you, and remind you just when you need it. As always, I am putting a smaller copy here, but a larger copy is at this link for you to download for your personal use only.

I hope that whatever you go through, you can find the positive in it, and get through okay on the other side.


All my best,

Kat  :@


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