Happy Valentine’s Day! Some Great News and Heads Up!

My Sweet Honey

My Sweet Honey


Happy Valentine’s Day all!  I can’t go into too much detail now, as I have promised my wonderful other half, J, that I would go out and walk with him, we are going to dinner, and getting all romantic for the holiday. =)  But suffice to say I have been contacted by someone very, very dear to my heart who I have not been able to speak to, for over 5 years now. This is a very special and precious person to me, and it might be the start of repairing this relationship. I will try to go into more detail as I have more time, and as I feel comfortable. But it has me elated, and feeling hopeful. Put it this way, it is THE most wonderful Valentine’s present I have EVER gotten.



Now, down to blog business!  I have created a new theme for the holiday, granted later than I wanted. It has been a rough month, but I have a feeling things are going to get so much better, especially from within. At least the theme is up for today, and will be until next month. I hope you like it! It stars my other precious fur-baby, Honey, as she peeks sweetly out from underneath blankets and towels.  My beautiful Red Point Birman.

I have also completed another dollar days project for Valentine’s and want to share it with you. I have taken all the pictures, but need to edit them and write the article to go with it. Yes, this will be late, but I am so happy today that I don’t care. =P

Even if you don’t feel like doing this project for this Valentine’s, you can do it for next year, or you can slightly change the way it is embellished and fit it for ANY holiday or time of year, or even theme. The nice thing is, I did embellish it for Valentine’s Day, but it would look nice with any design you add to it, whether it be spring, Easter, summer…anything you like! So despite my lateness this last month or so, it will still be useful, and hope you like it anyway.

Since I am needing to head out the door real soon here, I just thought I would get this new theme posted, tell you about the project, which I am intending to get done and posted tomorrow/Monday, and also I have partially finished some printables for Valentine’s, but even if you don’t need them for this year, they will still be nice for next year or however you wish to use them.  


Stay tuned the next day or two, and I will have a few things to share with you.

I hope, whether you are romantically involved or not, that you have been/are/already did spend it with those you love and dear to your heart. That is the most important thing!

Happy Valentine’s Day once again, and my warmth and hugs goes out to you all,

Kat :@