Seeing The Light…In The Dark



Thoughts of light and darkness and the contrast have been circling through my head today.  The literal and the metaphorical.  

I got to thinking about us as people having times when we are in the dark, or in the light, and what we see in ourselves. And it comes down to this, as how I see it: There is light in each one of us. Sometimes we see it, sometimes we don’t. The dark places can be lonely, but that is only because if we cannot see our own light, that is when it goes very dim.  So if we cannot see it in ourselves, then that makes it that much harder for others to see it either.  The more we shine on our own inner light, the more others will see it.  But it is only our own inner switch or dimmer that changes, not the fact that the light is already there. I hope me, you, we…let others see our own light.