Site Update Today, New Background and Header



I am proud to present today, my new blog background, and new header.  I am trying to get to a point where I make everything myself, even one day, {{gulp}} my own theme files and css coding. But for now, until I learn the coding, I am going to work toward doing all else myself. The images all use my photography, right down to the pumpkin and leaves, tweaked using my graphic designing skills, however rusty they might be, and even having my Milo adding something to it as well.

The leaves I found out in the yard, the fall scene was taken right out toward the street, and even the pumpkin was sitting right outside. Milo is always quite hammy enough to allow me to snap lots of shots of him, looking content as usual.

I am quite happy with how this turned out, save for one thing I need to ponder. I am thinking his image in the background repeats too often, and distracts the eye. But I need to live with it a day or so, then decide and adjust from there.

It speaks of my love for fall, my never-ending love for my precious kitty boy, adoration for all things purple, and hopefully blends those all well.

I hope you like it, and always welcome thoughts and comments as long as it stays positive and constructive. 


Wishing all a great week!


~Kat  :@

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