Get Your DIY On!

I am very excited to announce a new section to my blog.
Each month, perhaps even weekly, I am still deciding on how frequent, I will be posting a new DIY in this section. After seeing the many DIY’s on the internet, Pinterest boards etc, it inspired a unique idea for me. I am always seeing DIY’s for almost everything, the home, the yard, crafts, and even planners. I am often seeing dollar store ideas. But I only rarely see planner (or other journal type things like art journals and scrapbooks) specific diy’s that encompass dollar store materials. And financially things are a bit rough for me at the moment. So, I felt inspired to make a new section, where something new and creative is accessable to me, despite having little money to work with. Hence, I also wish to make this accessable for anyone, whether you have much in the way of finances or not.

So join me as sometime this week I will be posting my first project. It has been done and pictures taken already etc. All I need to do is find time in the midst of my monumental task/project where I am, to write it up, work with the images, and put together this neat little package for you.

I basically walk through a dollar store, look at all the offerings, and brainstorm some sort of DIY for anyone to create. This may be more planner related items, or it could be broad enough to be used in any kind of journals or scrapbooks, or anywhere you might record your life and doings. You never know what I might come up with, so stay tuned!

Oh, and before I leave you with (hopefully) anticipation, I will give you a hint, the project involves a festive holiday theme to it. 😉

See you here soon, join me while I thrift some crafty finds for you/us!

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