Yay, I’m Home!

Nope, I haven’t given up on my blog already.  Nope, I didn’t vanish. Nope, I didn’t get swept away in Black Friday traffic!

The tail end of my “stuff-sorting-project” wound up taking longer and more work, than I thought. Put it this way, my sweetie came down for a visit and to help wrap it up, and we spent four days working like mad. It took us two days to load the truck too. I just got back this afternoon, and that is after driving over five and a half hours, on one and a half hour of front seat sleep, and over 15 hours of work in a 24 hour day.  Also, we slept only 5 hours the night before. But now after being up more than 24 hours on that brief nap, I am still kicking, making dinner for us, while I wait for him to get out of work. That amazing man went straight into work. So, I plan to have a nice dinner ready for him.

So, I made it! Three and a half months and I am actually done with that leg of my project. Now tomorrow I must find a storage unit for it all, and he and I will load it all into it after he gets out of work earlier tomorrow. I will be spending a couple days each week, going back and forth to the storage unit going through things, and his mother is going to keep me company and do some shuttling for me. But at least I can come HOME each night, and to my sweetheart. Oh, and by the way, since I can only say terms of endearment so many times, and since I do not like to reveal other peoples names, I think it might be easier if I refer to him from now on, as J. Since that is what his first name starts with, it makes it easier.

This moment for gratitude, does not follow my current gratitude challenge, which I will resume as soon as I get a good nights sleep, and a long shower, and possibly getting our rental truck returned. But, I will take this moment to say how grateful I am, that I am done clearing things off the property, and how thankful I am to be home, and where I have the love of my life, J, and my other beloved kitties.

Where I was staying, shower facilities were limited, as the water heater/tank in the trailer only holds 8 gallons. So, it made things difficult to say the least. The weather was bitter this last week, and conditions very trying. So next time you take for granted the beauty of a nice hot shower…remember, it can be worse.  😉   I am determined to never take them for granted again. That, and actual counter space to cook!

So, I am exhausted, ready to flop down, and definitely have some rough wear and tear. But believe it or not, I feel optimistic! I can do this. Oh, and hey, I think I mentioned I drove 40 feet of train across country…3000 miles that is. Well, today, on that brief nap to make sure safety was first, I drove over 250 miles with 17 feet of truck filled with the weight of my stuff, the cold and slipperiness of the roads, and my sweet Milo in the front seat (in his cage) with me. Like I keep saying, if I can do those things, if I can endure…then I can do anything! 

When the truck is returned, my rest restored, and I can breathe, I am going to pump out that first diy for you, another couple great printable freebies, and the continuing of my gratitude challenge. So stay tuned…I am guessing by the end of the week, perhaps Thursday or Friday.

I am still kicking, and plan to do lots of fun things, and I hope interesting to you. Perhaps one of these days some of you might speak up and offer some feedback on what you think and what you would like to see.

Meantime, hope you are all having a great week, aren’t shopped out, and are having a warm and loving holiday season. Thank you for reading and see you soon, 

Kat :@

P.S.. Sorry no image today, but I am THAT tired. 😉  I will try to break out the camera over the next couple days.


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