Site Update – New Christmas Theme Today!

It took longer than I had hoped for, as acclimating myself now that I am home, has been rough and slow. I wanted this up at the start of the month, but since I only got back last week, this plan had been delayed. But, that’s okay, it’s done now, and one of my roughest tasks ever, is also done. I feel so relieved. So, here is my new Christmas theme. I like to try to include purple wherever, and whenever I can, as it’s just my color, so I thought it fit nicely. Rather than the typical red and green, I went for purple and green. I am loving it. And the best part of course, for me, is my little buddy adding his playful cuteness to the layout!

Hope you enjoy it, and as always, I hope for feedback. I like to know what are the strong points, and weak points, so I can improve.

Wishing all a wonderful week,

Kat  :@

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