Thought of the day, & a Blog To-Do List, & Intentions

Milo jump

This was taken when I was playing with him and he jumped up for a toy. But the image has so much meaning for me. It really does look incredibly cute, and like he was trying real hard, looks real happy, and inspirational even. It looks like he is showing with great effort, you can really reach things.


Thought of the Day:  Reach for the stars, they really aren’t as far as you think! =)



Blog To-Do List:

I *hope* to have one more set of journal cards done by Christmas. Also on my blog to-do list are: December calendar/page marker/note field (yes, it is very late, so sorry, but I promise I am going to strive to improve that,) January page marker (hopefully much sooner), January journal cards, a special template for a Facebook list/challenge group I am in, another budget DIY, more gratitude challenge prompts, more photography, more bargain finds, a blog backup and WordPress upgrade, and hoping to figure out how to use subscriptions. Oh, and the creation of a VERY special new section to my blog.

I do not want to reveal the surprise yet, I am trying to figure out how long it will take me to put together and what I am going to put into it. But, I think you will really like this. I have come up with, what I think is a unique idea for self-improvement, and it allows me to share the changes and goals and paths with readers, as long as I can eventually get people to give feedback. =) How would you like to see me set up some goals, and work on a self-improvement project, with your guidance? Meaning, the outcome wil be affected by you, the reader! Where I end up in this endevour, the roads I take, the turns, will adapt and change and be affected by YOU! It will be a partnership between me, the people in my life, my abilities, and the feedback of you! Think of it as something like those books they used to have years ago, not sure if they still are being made, where you choose the path and go to the section for the outcome, depending on your choice. I wish to do that on a blog!

What this surprise is revolving around or further details, will be a surprise, as I am still figuring out those details. But I hope to reveal this to you in January! New year, new hopes and plans, new me! And if you choose, you get to be a part of it. But even better, I want to turn it around and be a part of the same for you! More on that soon, but for now, think on it, and hopefully it will inspire readers to interact with me and each other.




You might be wondering throughout reading this blog, okay, what’s the gist? What are you selling? What’s in it for you? As far as selling, nothing! At least not at this time, and if I do, it will be separate from my blog, which is for the more personal end of my life. They might even slightly intertwine at some point, as often is the case in life. I might eventually open up the business end for something else, but for now, there is nothing there, and I am NOT selling anything, honest! This is all an experiment, and a way for me to find self-improvement. What is in it for me?

Quite honestly and simply, to be a better person. But improvement is not a solo project. For anything to be truly as good as it can be, including people, it requires group effort. No great things can be done alone. That is my forever belief. And family and those close to you can be bias, or there are often dysfunctions in familial settings, or learned habits, personas we take on that are not wholly or truly us as a person. It comes muddled with things, and I am sure you can understand what I mean. I want objective, constructive, and positive feedback…with a dose of love of course.

This experiment is to see if not only I with hard work, can get myself to a better place, but if I can manage it with the input of strangers. I know it can be objective that way, at least to a larger degree. So there you have it. My up-front, honest thoughts on why I do this. And it can be easy to be jaded in this world at times, so in time, I hope you will see, my intentions are good.

I also, through this medium and other ways too, want to pay it forward and give something back to others. I have a feeling, that these paths are going to lead me in the right direction. After all, I found BOTH L and J online! Really! I want to share this crazy roller-coaster we call life with others, the ups and downs, and me and those who share, to all come away with something meaningful.



Up next today/tonight…my next gratitude post. Stay tuned, maybe even check back in the next few minutes to an hour! =)

So, there you have it, my intentions and a somewhat Blog To-Do list for ya!

I hope you are enjoying the warmth and joy of the season, and always,




P.S… As you might have noticed, my fur-boy image above, is also a part of my Christmas season blog decorations. I love to incorporate him often as this blog is titled Katspeak (Kat being me of course) and my buddy often speaks to me and has lots to say…hmmm…maybe we are more alike than I thought! LOL So, aside from loving him to bits, that is why I like using him in my themes.

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