S O S Day




SOS Day…Serendipity, Omens, and Sedulity

No, I am not signaling that I need urgent help. Even despite using the word omen in my synonym. What I am doing, is exploring the words that are circling my thoughts today.  Did you know that omens can be good things?  Typically people come to know this word meaning to foreshadow bad things, but it can also be a foreshadowing of good things.  So, today, my mind is circling around these words, explore them for a few moments with me.

A quick preface first. I am still away from home, and still going through all my belongings, largely left outside under tarps and in piles. The majority of my furniture is in storage, thankfully, but my boxes and bins with belongings have been mostly outside for 2-3 years. Now I know you’re wondering why in the world my stuff would be outside. Still coming out of my shell, I will only briefly say, for now, I underwent numerous tragedies and losses in my life, and lost my home and had to relocate across country. A wonderful friend took me in, but much of my belongings outside of my furniture had to be stored on the property under tarps and such as I had no place else to store, and no financial means. For more detail, see my post on peace. Suffice to say, and summing up, I am in the process of moving up North to be with the love of my life, and I have come back here to go through my things. I have had to be here at least three months now to take on this task. Its been monumental and draining.  Everything from mold to bugs to weather has tried to stand in my way.  But, there is an upside here, as there always is if you look for it. I am enduring AND transcending.

So, with that prefaced, let’s just say after a few months of this, missing my sweetheart, my other kitty waiting home for me (Milo is here with me, he goes with me everywhere,)  and being utterly worn out, this morning I was searching for strength and momentum.  And don’t  laugh but (okay, you can laugh because it’s kind of funny, and true) when I am looking for inspiration, one of the many things I do, is plug in search terms on Pinterest.



Today I woke up way later than I wanted, had a migraine, sinus congestion, and worn down, not wanting to go on anymore (with this task.) It has been very cold out lately, unseasonably so for this area, and very hard to work in, as my fingers begin to freeze. So, as I sipped my first cup of coffee, I plugged these words, “how to get going,” into Pinterest. I like to reflect on how other people interpret thoughts, ideas, and words. It helps me explore my own. And I love to use this tool, as it’s very visual. I am such a tactile person. So can you guess what the returns were?  Can you guess what the VERY first return was? It was an image with a white background, and black text only words, with these words: “KEEP GOING, YOU ARE GETTING THERE.” Text only image of that! Can the answer be any more clear? I kid you not, go over to Pinterest and type in those words, you will see what I mean. Now THAT is serendipity my friends! It is as though the universe is trying to encourage me to plug on.  Then, after glazing over the next few pins, like recipes, how to beat a cold, other how-to’s, and even weird celebrity hairstyles ( =P go figure, right,) the next inspirational image caught my eye. It said, “Don’t let something that’s long gone continue to control you. It’s time to let go.” And another big wow from me! There is so much of my past that has weighed me down, and all this stuff has weighed me down as well. I have known for some time, that it is time to let go, but again, it’s as though the universe is reinforcing that idea. The good news is, I AM slowly letting go, and it is very freeing. 



While I consider those images I mentioned above as omens too, the next event really did feel like an omen to me.  That word has gotten such a bad rap with those movies and all. But honestly, it can mean very good things. Like a lot of this world, perspective has SO much to do with it. See that image above?  That is what I saw when I walked outside. I am trying to commit myself to doing some daily, weekly, monthly things to help facilitate my healing. I love photography, and can be pretty decent at it. But, like many things I have loved or done well with, I had largely abandoned it over the years, because of all the things I had been going through. Bad idea. It is the things we love and do well with, that get us through the darker days. So, as part of my commitment to healing, evolution, and peace, I am attempting to not only make sure I take photographs often, but I am leading up to a daily photo challenge that I am a member of on Facebook.

So I stepped outside, saw this vision from where I stood, and snapped a picture. Now, here is where perspective can come into play. When I was in a dark and terrible place, after all that had happened to me, I might have seen this snapshot as a signal of doom and gloom. After all, the clouds are out, a very rainy week is on the way, the trees are bare, and the lighting came out generally grey and foreboding. But…and here is a very big one…the sun is trying to peek through! See that?  Its coming through the clouds, despite that the clouds are numerous, despite the bare trees are in the way, despite everything, its peering through, and letting me know, better is coming. It tells me, that despite all the trials and pain, despite that things might look grey, the positive is there, and good things on their way. But, here is the thing. You have to see it. I have learned the VERY hard way, outlook is everything! And believe me, I know that’s far easier said than done. It takes time to pretty much train your brain to do it. But it can be done. I am living proof. So, I share that picture with you, to remind us all, no matter how it looks, good things are around, and do want to come to you. We just have to invite them in.



LOL!   I laugh first, because even my WordPress text box (spell-check has it underlined) does not know what this word means! Don’t feel alone if you do not know what it means either, until this morning, neither did I. Another thing along the lines of self-improvement that I am trying, is to increase my vocabulary. So, I take a thought or feeling, check synonyms, and then find a word I do not know and practice using it. =) Sedulity basically means perseverance or diligence. It is what I need so much now, to finish this task, so I can get home to my beloved other half, and other fur-babies. It is what I need to endure the harsh weather, the elements, the insect life, the conditions I am living in, and my body not always being happy with me.  I am getting up later each day, missing a lot of the sunlight to work in, having a lot more migraines, and my back is getting more and more achy. My body is literally objecting to continuing this task anymore. So, it is here I must endure, find strength, and continue on, so I can be done and go home.  Like the little train, I think I can! It just takes a lot of sedulity. I CAN do this.



So, yes, it is an SOS day in the traditional sense. I am struggling, and hurting, and trying to find strength to go on. But, the way I am choosing to see today, is a different kind of SOS day.  Today has Serendipity, Omens, and Sedulity (from me.)

So, I am going to grab my second cup of coffee, a quick bite to eat, and get out there and work with my last hour and a half of daylight here on the west coast. I will likely work into the dark hours too, so I can put in at least 5-6 hours of work today. It is my hope to start earlier tomorrow, but whatever may come, I will plug on until this is done. I will just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Whatever you are going through, I hope you find encouragement to go on. Someday I might share some of what has happened to me. It has felt like hell and back. But, for now, I am not here to vocalize those trials, I no longer need to talk about them as much (we all go through time’s where it is important to talk, and to work through them,) what I need now, is to create my new life, and to work with the present. It really is a gift to me.

All my best to all of you, and I hope you find your SOS’s (serendipities, omens {good ones}, and sedulity) today!

~Kat :@


P.S. I think I am getting a few readers…yay! My site stats indicates, if i am reading it right, that there are and have been visitors! It is okay if you are quiet, but feel free to chime in. I don’t bite, and will always try my best to respond. 😉

A second little teaser for you wonderful readers. Not only am I putting up my DIY over the next few days/week (as my conditions here allow me to), but I am working on a set of journaling cards. I am getting back into journaling, and loving journal cards as I can punch holes in them and quickly insert into my planner, to make sure I incorporate writing each week, or even each day. So, I decided to work on a festive Christmas set. I am going to share all six of them with you, for free. I hope to have them up in the next few days, or at least within a week. Stay tuned! And by the way, thank you for reading! Seeing those numbers made my day. =)

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