Stay Tuned, New Section Coming, Gratitude 30 Day Challenge!

So grateful for this little guy!

So grateful for this little guy!


In honor of Thanksgiving here in the U.S., and the spirit of gratitude, I am starting a 30 Day Gratitude Challenge. I will likely be starting it Monday. I wanted to have a few in, in time for the holiday. I will be continuing it for the full 30 days, into the month of December. With this project (my major stuff-sorting project here) ongoing, plus the mess it’s created back home, I might not be able to do one every day in a row, but I will do every days prompt until it is done, even if it takes me 2 months. The goal here, is to finish it. I truly believe gratitude, and finding it, even when it is hard to, can make all the difference in a life. So, feel free to join me and use them to prompt your own responses, maybe write them down just for yourself…or just read along as I do it.



Thanks as always for reading, and for coming along on this journey with me. Have a great weekend all!

Warmth and gratitude,

Kat :@

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